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ContinUI is a free continuous measurement tool that lets groups or individuals give real-time, continuous feedback to events, whether recorded or live. Use it in the classroom, teaching studio, research lab, or concert hall to give and receive better feedback.

This website has been designed and implemented by Benjamin Waddell, Cody Jacob, and Martin Sawicki as part of the Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology capstone program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. It was built in collaboration with George Waddell for the Time to Decide project at the Centre for Performance Science, Royal College of Music, London.

If you have feedback or would like to report an issue please email us at

Joining an Event

To join an event, obtain the Event Key from the event creator and enter it into the text box on the homepage. If the key matches an open event, you will be taken to the Pre-Event page where you may be asked to answer some questions which will assist in the analysis of the event data. You may also be asked to choose what criteria you will be evaluating the performance on. After you fill in the information requested by the event creator you can join the event.

Evaluating an Event

After the performance has begun you can provide your evaluation using the unscreen controls. Change your rating as often as you want as your opinion of the performance changes. If you wish to leave the event early, please use the Leave Event button. This will ensure that incomplete data is deleted so that analysis of the event is as accurate as possible.

Creating an Account

To host events and see the feedback you will need an account; the Register button is in the top right corner of the page. Your password is encrypted and stored safely, and you can change it (and your other account information) in the My Account page. If you forget your password please email us at using the email you used to register and we will send you a new generic password which you can use to set a new custom one.

Viewing your Account

If you wish to update your account information or your password, click on My Account on the left side of the navigation bar. Here you can modify the contents of your account or password as you please.

Creating an Event

Clicking the Create Event on the home page will take you to the Create Event page. Here you can enter the information for an upcoming event. Here you can also enter any message you would like to send all evaluators and the beginning and end of the event. You can use these to direct evaluators to more information about your organization or additional surveys, additional information about this event, or any other reason you would like. You may also add custom questions that all evaluators will be asked before the event. Their responses may be used to assist in analysis of your data. Finally, you have the option to add multiple criteria that evaluators can choose from when joining the event.

After the event is created, the Preview page gives you the ability to update information about the event before it begins. Once you are satified that all of the details are correct, you can generate the Event Key. The Event Key is a 4 digit code that lets evaluators join your event. Once the Key is generated, you will no longer be able to update event details to ensure that all evaluators have the same experience.

Analyzing an Event

When the performance has begun, press the Begin Event button to start collecting data. Once the event has started, evaluators will no longer be able to join the event, so make sure everybody is ready before you start. When the performance has ended, the Stop Event button will cease the collection of data and generate some graphics to help with analysis. After the event is completed, you have the option of exporting the raw data as a .CSV file and recreating the event if you wish to do it again.

You can view all of your events for the My Events page.